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Welcome to By Innovations Consultancy India Pvt. Ltd.

Dr. Yatish VasudeoBy Innovations Consultancy (India) Pvt. Ltd; is a platform conceived & designed to deliver innovation and knowledge services at the marketplace. We believe innovation process begins with a strong foundation in the principles of polymer materials, which is synergistically linked to enablers, like effect - additives, modifiers, fillers and reinforcements, colors and decorative practices to create value –added plastics products designed to replace highly energy intensive materials currently in practice such as paper, metals & glass.

Polymers and Value –added polymers have established themselves as a material of choice in a gamut of core application areas including automotive, packaging, agriculture, medical and health care and infrastructure.

India is now recognized as the most happening place in all core sectors of the economy. It thus becomes imperative to exploit the versatility of polymers to boost the consumption of plastic products in all the core areas. The unprecedented explosion in the fields of transport and retail provides all of us in this generation to create innovative polymer products.

By Innovations Consultancy India (P) Ltd; thus provides a link in the macro-scale polymer value chain by adopting the paradigm of “Innovation – Inspired Polymer Applications”. We invite expression of interest from all across the globe beginning with polymer resin producers, effect additive providers,, machinery builders, processors, converters, visual effect decorators, end-users to harness the power of our unique platform.

We aspire to make our contribution to exploit the advances in the fields of nanotechnology to create polymer applications hitherto unimagined and invite fellow innovators and enablers to join us in defining a new paradigm.

Our dream is to bring a confluence of all enablers in the polymer value chain to contribute towards growth and profit through innovation and knowledge services at the market-place.